20 Ways To Create Cash From Your Audio Gear & Skills

How to make more money in my volume, 20 Ways To Create Cash From Your Audio Gear & Skills

Grow Losing Money, but Making it up on Volume Does your company need just a bit more capital to scale and make it to profitability? Or is it just a money pit? How to tell.

How Your Music Makes Money (Part One) – The Sound Recording Copyright

You have customers, perhaps not as many as you would like, but your product is definitely selling. You have small shocks periodically—expenses increase because the cost of materials suddenly jumps as a result of some global commodity change. So, that increased cost eats your profits.

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You start to wonder if the seasonal downturn in your business is more than the normal dip. You have a sinking feeling that your investment in your own company is the piece of the capital structure taking the beating. As a group, they have become more integrated into global supply chains.

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So, a change at the purchasing end reverberates throughout all the links. Commodity price changes also rattle companies.

20 Ways To Create Cash From Your Audio Gear & Skills

Trying to manage those input costs is incredibly difficult. Note to a business owner—if hedging a commodity is too expensive for your business, it means no other market participant thinks they can profitably take on the risk of that commodity price either.

Seeking capital in this environment is no picnic. Your how to make more money in my volume statements usually conflate two things that can have opposite meanings to capital providers—one is that your business actually might not make money and the other is that your business might need more scale.

The first case not making money is denied by most business owners until it is too late.

If you're like many Sound On Sound readers, you've spent a fair bit of time and money on creating a studio and learning how to use it.

Technological changes or other factors are driving customers to another product or solution. And relentless expense control in some businesses can only do so much, because the fixed expenses of the business are just too high.

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The second case needing more scale can be more interesting to an equity capital provider. Particularly in certain industries software is a classic examplethe product needs to be developed well enough, which requires a lot of capital, but then as customer adoption increases, that scale drives profits repeatedly to the bottom line.

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It also requires lots of cost accounting, some of which feels like more art than science. Figure out what the true fixed costs are versus variable costs.

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Shrinking your fixed costs lowers your breakeven point. Many small businesses transform the fixed cost of owning your own real estate to leasing space to lower their fixed cost hurdle.

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Measure the Gross Margin. You need to know if you are making money at that level.

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Consider the price. Many businesses are in industries with highly competitive pricing.

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Conversely, business owners are often reticent to touch prices, but are in industries where price changes can be absorbed by the customer. Get the advice you need to start, grow, and lead your business today.

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