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    We may already have your email address on our email database but we would like you to confirm that it is still correct. This process will go directly 4 option the core issue of defining the rights of recreational fishers now, and into the future.

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    There is only one certainty, if recreational fishers fail to engage at the highest level possible, they will lose. Then he will "consider any 4 option for direct meetings with stakeholder groups". The Ministry is developing a policy to address long-standing concerns over allocation and management in shared fisheries, where both commercial and non-commercial fishers have an interest.

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    More detail here Recreational fishers have been invited to join the regional customary forum. Find out how this has come about and the progress that has been made over the past few months Fisheries Management Proportional Allocations It seems the Ministry are using the conservation efforts of non-commercial fishers to supplement over fishing by the commercial sector.

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    Read what option4 have to say about the MFish proportional proposals for important fisheries. Please Help Please contribute to the Kahawai Challenge by assisting option4's effort.

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    Make a secure investment. Marine Protection Taputeranga Wellington south coast Marine Reserve MFish has agreed to extend the submission deadline to 3rd February for those who did not receive notice of the concurrence process during November More details here Huge potential for achieving the goal of "more fish in the water" exists in the use of Maori Customary management tools.

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    Exciting progress is being made in discussions between our team, Maori and MFish. Only by standing together can we win the battle for fishing rights.

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