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What in Moscow time you can make money do you find something to do that both comes naturally to you and makes you happy?

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The Success Builder Project features graduates from the Higher School of Economics who have discovered themselves through an interesting business or an unexpected profession. Over the last five years, hummus and falafel have made their way onto the menu of most restaurants in the reliable option of Moscow, and food trucks have had much better luck selling Middle Eastern dishes than warm Russian pirogies.

When did you first decide to get into business professionally? I began working in my third year of undergrad. As a senior, I began working as a PR specialist what in Moscow time you can make money Disney in the distribution division. This was my first real job. He told me that I have to decide between work and school and deal with the fact that nothing would happen career-wise for two years.

I left as a result and got together with my business partners and friends Andrey Osipyants and Dmitry Itskovich to work on our own project — a student cafeteria at Stroganovka. After a year we opened up a second cafeteria at the Kvant factory, and we ultimately ended up selling both projects.

  • We have to learn how to live in a new reality, change our habits and form new ones.
  • И все же что-то ускользало; хотя он никак не мог уразуметь -- что же .
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  • Наши предки впервые покорили эти пространства на заре истории, когда они отправились в космос создавать Империю.

This was a coincidence for the most part. We live in Russia; this is how things work. The money was there — why not invest in an obvious project?

Half of Russians Say They’ll Never Live to See a Decent Salary – Survey

We opened a bar a year and a half later, and at the end of September we launched the Mitzva fast food stop with hummus and falafel at the Usachevsky Market. But the institute did give me a nice background.

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Why did you choose the food industry? The food industry is at the interface of the classical aspects of the services and food industry. On the other hand, it just happened that way.

At first glance, the restaurant business involves a very low barrier to entry, which attracts and always will attract a lot of people. We are all restaurant experts, but to go create your own is an entirely separate thing.

There are fifteen times fewer restaurants in Moscow than in New York if you count square meters per person. Or a bar culture, for example. In the U.

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In Moscow, things are already different from the rest of Russia. This is normal around the world. Photo by Mikhail Dmitriev To open a bar that serves food is it better to be a chef or a businessman? In the end, you cannot learn business from a textbook.

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Business is about being brave, forming a team, and finding the right niche and money. Your project does the rest. On the one hand, you have to take a risk, but on the other you have to be very careful. Have you made mistakes? This usually makes success come faster in business. Each new project is a learning tool and new experience. When you carry something out, you learn, and the next project becomes that much easier. You learn how the whole system works from just one practical example.

There are no entrepreneurs who never make mistakes. At the start of a project, there is a huge amount of risk and a lot of factors that can affect the process. Naturally, what you learn right away is how to be attentive. The biggest mistake businessmen make is being first.

The firsts rarely win. At the beginning, we were perceived as a restaurant, not a bar, and the first press release that was issued about the bar included very little information.

«Everything works as it should if you just do it»

This was due to a number of factors. What I understood right away was that the biggest mistake businessmen make is being first. They just remain a part of history. How do you assess risk? We just understand the situation from an experience and intuition standpoint.

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To do this, you just have to talk with a lot of people. It turned out what in Moscow time you can make money all of my forecasts that we started with have more or less proven to be correct. We found the location for Mitzva Bar nine months before opening, and while the place was being renovated, a renaissance happened in Israeli culture. There were a lot of articles published about kosher products and trips to Israel because Egypt and Turkey were closed off at the same time.

  • Однако, в известном смысле, типичных примеров тут просто не существовало: Олвина заверили, что каждый поселок старается быть как можно более непохожим на своих соседей.
  • Это была самая настоящая ересь -- и были времена, когда Джизирак сам бы так все это и назвал и предал бы такие взгляды анафеме.
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  • Имени Сирэйнис предшествовало какое-то незнакомое Олвину слово, и он подумал, что это, должно быть, титул.

The project was initially intended for a well-off audience and people who wanted to experiment and try something new. The other things stem from there — price, the product mix, and the design conceptions that are aimed at a specific class. Photo by Mikhail Dmitriev A year and a half after Mitzva Bar opened, we started selling street food at popular locations where hip urbanites frequent.

A large part of our audience at the Usachevsky Market is young, well-off people who think falafel is cool. The subsequent markets will be the same.

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These zones have chain restaurants, while a good bar should be aimed not at a wider audience, but at a specific class. A bar is a place where people are starting to go to more habitually. The point and objective of a bar is to become another place people go to after work, before work, instead of work This is the goal of any establishment, while at the Usachevsky Market we have another objective — service as many people as possible. A chain establishment will never be the best, and the best will never become a chain.

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It says no to buying syrups, liqueurs, canned items, and instead makes its own. Our bartenders participate in international competitions; they complete internships and apprenticeships and more.

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We have guest bartending twice a month, which are global events where bartenders and chefs work at other friendly establishments. At least, we strive to do so. Is your business not limited by the fact that Mitzva Bar is not a chain establishment? A chain establishment never becomes the best, and the best never becomes a chain.

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The best has to be unique. But there are different scaling methods. We chose to develop a street food project under a related brand. The same can happen for a holding or factory; everyone has to resolve the problem of growth their own way.

There are projects that have a positive cash flow from day one. On the first day of operations, a humus restaurant operates in the plus. This is a wonderful metric, but there are few of these projects.

Much more abundant are mobile earnings on the Internet without investments whose waiting period can drag on for a really long time. Do those kinds of project end up closing? Not always. Everything depends on your goals and objectives, even when the project is knowingly operating in the negative.

Bars and restaurants also have image goals.

How do you find something to do that both comes naturally to you and makes you happy? The Success Builder Project features graduates from the Higher School of Economics who have discovered themselves through an interesting business or an unexpected profession. Dmitry Levitsky opened his first bar — Dolls Pistols — almost by accident, as a side hobby. Do you consider yourself a professional restaurateur?

In business, not everything is measured by the results of your financial reports. What is the drinking culture in Moscow? This is especially apparent in Europe. People in Southern Europe drink differently from people in Northern Europe, with Moscow actually being more similar to Northern Europe. Until the large-scale implementation of distillation columns, which were introduced in the early 20th century and allowed for cheaper spirits to be produced, people drank differently than they do now.

People drank bread wine, home-brewed beer or wine, and instead of vodka wealthy people would drink polugar [a type of Russian bread wine]. Then the distillation process was introduced, and in Soviet Times the government prohibited distillation completely, which killed the industry.

Photo by Mikhail Dmitriev Only in was the distillation ban lifted. A certain spirit diluted with water — vodka — replaced all of this, and this imposed its own restrictions on drinking culture here.

This unique bit of background is important to understand. Of course, Russian drinking culture is currently undergoing changes, and less and less vodka is sold each year.

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There are two active areas that do not differ at all from global trends — the development of craft beer and cocktail culture. Six years ago, it was harder to find a Negroni in Moscow compared to now. Nowadays, you can even get a cocktail at Shokoladnitsa.

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But there is a big difference between Shokoladnitsa and Double B as far as coffee is concerned, just like there is a difference when it comes to the quality of a cocktail at a binary options strategy for 5 minutes fser establishment versus the bar around the corner.

In your opinion, how long can we expect the trend of Israeli culture and Israeli food to continue? Currently, places like Rynok and Obshchepit Shuk near Novoslobodskaya are opening up. This is a global project that can be replicated.

Israeli food is becoming a part of our culture, just like sushi, burgers, and Georgian food has become a part of our culture. I hope that the same thing will happy with Middle Eastern cuisine.